Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for using an online flower delivery store www.buketcheto.com

Please read these terms carefully, using this site is considered to be in agreement with them. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the site. These Terms and Conditions are subject to the mutual settlement of disputes between users and customers who use the www.buketcheto.com elite shop for the purchase of goods.

By clicking on an object, a picture, a link (other than the terms of the Terms of Service) or a button located on the website www.buketcheto.com, it is considered that you have received or agreed with the description below the Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions should be adopted in the Consumer Protection Act (the following) https://kzp.bg/, as well as with other regulations in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

1. Definitions

1.1. "SELLER" is an internet site on www.buketcheto.com, which serves as a virtual platform for selling goods. The seller is a person with whom the consumer makes a distance contract for a particular item (item) in the online store.

1.2. "USER" is an authorized person who agrees with these Terms and Conditions in connection with the application and the purchase of goods in the e-shop.

1.3. "ELECTRONIC SHOP" is an Internet site on www.buketcheto.com, which is used as a virtual platform for offering goods for sale and for reaching agreement between SELLER and USER for ordering and selling a specific item (item).

1.4. "Www.buketcheto.com" is owned by the trade company "Verina-16" Ltd., UIC: 204367921, with headquarters in Sofia, which creates and maintains e-commerce, sells goods in the shop and defines the current municipalities. sell the goods at www.buketcheto.com. Verina-16 has full rights for foreign and contemporary content on the website, as well as the ways to access it.

1.5. "ORDER" - this is an action that is written by the Consumer for wholesale electronic commerce or more specific items (items) through the online store www.buketcheto.com. The order is packed and sent by courier to become a mandatory order from the User address after being approved by name or telephone. It is executed only after confirmation by the administrator of the site www.buketcheto.com, via a telephone call to the CUSTOMER / USER made for a purchase request.

1.7. "CONTRACT FOR SALE" is the conclusion, from a distance of an electronic shop, of a contract for the purchase of a good between a Seller and a User.

1.8. "COURIER" is a trader who physically delivers purchased goods to a user-specified address and operates the Postal Services Act.

1.9. "BROCHURE / NOTIFICATION / NEWSLETTER" are electronic information messages relating to the electronic goods store over a certain period of time that can be entered on a website and may be sent by e-mail to the User.

2. General considerations

2.1. Authorship: This page is owned by www.buketcheto.com with its headquarters in Sofia, 70, Budapest Street, which includes all photo and text materials. Site content can be copied and used only for non-profit purposes, but not for distribution to other websites.

2.2. Conditions: www.buketcheto.com reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice, in order to protect its interests as well as those of its clients. By using this website, you automatically agree to its Terms and Conditions and declare that you accept them unconditionally.

2.3. Products: All products in the catalog at www.buketcheto.com can be added to your virtual "basket" and ordered. Each product has a Detailed description, as well as the relevant content, photo and price that can be found on the product page itself. www.buketcheto.com warrants that the delivered product corresponds to the information provided on the site.

2.4. Additional Products: Some of the products in the catalog are considered "extra", which means they can not be ordered on their own but only in combination with the main product. This information is indicated on the product page itself. Additional products are all types of chocolates, spirits, balloons and more. They can be added to your trolley during the order process provided there is a main product added.

2.5. Spirits: Spirits are additional products and can be added to your shopping cart during the order process. By registering an order containing alcoholic beverages, you declare that the recipient is an adult. Deliveries of spirits to minors are not carried out.

2.6. Order: The team at www.buketcheto.com takes orders daily, at any time of the day. The order itself can be made by first adding a selected product to your virtual "basket", then following the instructions for adding a delivery address and finalizing the order. After successful order registration, you will see a confirmation page with your order number. This information will also be sent to your email address. The Order is executed only after confirmation by an administrator of the website www.buketcheto.com, by phone call to the CUSTOMER / USER who made the purchase request.

2.7. Customer order cancellation: You can cancel your order without giving specific reasons for doing so until 24 o'clock. before its delivery date. To cancel your order, you first need to contact our employee. Your prepaid amount will be released from our account earliest 24hrs. after the formal refusal, if the deadlines are met. Upon reimbursement after a customer's waiver, all fees for incoming and returning transfers will be deducted from the amount paid.

2.8. Cancellation of the order by the merchant: www.buketcheto.com reserves the right to refuse orders in the event of failure to deliver, in the absence of certain flowers, in the case of untimely payment or non-receipt of the payment on the order. In this case, you will be informed in good time about the cancellation of your order and the amount paid on it will be released from our account - within 24 hours.

2.9. Registration: Registering a profile on our site is not required. You can place an order, the only information we will require of you is your name, email address and phone. As a registered customer, however, you can more easily manage your orders, invoices, save delivery addresses for future orders, which will greatly facilitate and speed up the ordering process.

2.10. Security: The security of the information you enter on the pages of www.buketcheto.com is guaranteed by an SSL certificate. The payment information you fill out on our site is transmitted to our partner bank where it is processed without being processed or stored on our server. www.buketcheto.com strictly adheres to PCI standards.

3. Terms of delivery for the online store www.buketcheto.com

3.1. Working time: All deliveries are between 9:00 and 19:30 Eastern European Standard Time. In rare cases, early or later delivery is possible, but only after confirmation of our employee.

3.2. Delivery date: During the order process, you can select the desired delivery date. www.buketcheto.com is not responsible for incorrect or incorrectly completed data.

3.3. Time range: You can select a time range to deliver your order at the selected date. Possible delivery ranges are - between 9 o'clock. and 13:00, between 13:00. and 17:00, between 17:00. and 20h. The time range selection menu becomes active after selecting a date for delivery from the calendar. For certain fixed-hour occasions, such as weddings, funerals, etc., we can guarantee delivery at a specific time, but only after prior arrangement with our employee.

Because of the workload on holidays (Christmas holidays, Valentine's Day, March 8), delays may occur with changing your order status.


3.4. Price of delivery: The delivery price is automatically determined based on your chosen location and date of delivery. In this sense, the right choice of a settlement is absolutely essential. Standard delivery of flowers is free unless you want your order delivered the same day. In this case, delivery is considered Express (+ 5.00BGN). The standard delivery is available in cities where we have local flower shops. Delivery cost to other cities varies from + 5.00BGN. to + 20.00lv. Orders marked with a wrong location will be declined unless the actual shipping charge is paid in addition to the charges.

Holiday Gifts (Christmas, Valentine's Day, March 8) include a festive delivery charge (+ $ 5.00), which is automatically calculated by our system after the date has been selected.

3.5. Delivery details: The timely delivery of your order depends entirely on the delivery details you provide during the order process. www.buketcheto.com is not responsible for a failed delivery due to incorrectly filled data.

3.6. Absence of the recipient: If the recipient is absent from the delivery address, we will use the phone you leave us during the order process to contact us and arrange a convenient time and place for delivery. If your phone is wrong or does not respond, we will place your order to relatives or neighbors of the recipient at the address. As a last resort, your order can be returned back to our store where we can do a retry after we contact the recipient. Note that once the product has been returned to our store, you will have to pay an extra £ 5 for re-shipping. The same is true for every subsequent attempt to deliver.

3.7. Lack of a specific product: If a product needed for the correct preparation of your order is not available in our local shop at the moment, we will contact you with a proposal to replace the missing flowers. The delivery of your order will be postponed until we receive your approval or refusal.

3.8. Anonymity of delivery: Our couriers do not know who has made an order and can not inform the recipient who is the gift you are sending. If you want the recipient to know that you have organized a surprise, please enter your name in the card wish box.

4. Terms and methods of payment

4.1. Pre-order payment: Each order must be paid in advance ie. before delivery. Orders whose payment is not received by the end of the day selected for delivery will be automatically declined.

4.1. Pre-payment of the order: Payment of the ordered goods is made with "cash on delivery" - payment in cash of the courier upon delivery. The payment amount is the same and no additional handling fees are charged.

4.1. For each item ordered, the user has to pay the price announced in the e-shop at the time of the order. The price of each commodity can change dynamically.

4.2. Opportunities and payment methods: You can pay your order using one of the following ways. We do not accept payments through systems not listed in these Terms.

4.2.1. Credit / Debit Cards: You can pay your order with a Visa & Maestro / Mastercard credit or debit card as long as your card is for online payments. Payment is processed in real time and your order can be delivered immediately. Your card details, as well as the payment itself, are handled by our partner bank and are not stored on our server. www.buketcheto.com strictly adheres to PCI standards.

4.2.2. Bank transfer: You can pay your bank transfer order. To do so, just select this form of payment and click the "Confirm" button. On your order confirmation page, you will see your bank account and further payment instructions. This information will also be sent to your email address. Express delivery: Note that your order should be paid before shipping. In this sense, you need to send us a scanned copy of a payment order or screenshot of a bank transaction in cases where the payment is to be received after the desired delivery date or its waiting may delay it. International transfers: Please note that when paying by bank transfer from abroad, you will have to pay all the costs of the transfer, including those for its receipt. This does not apply to payments from EU Member States as long as payment is ordered through SEPA.

4.3. Payment dispute: The disputed payment after the order has been delivered, and not previously, is not tolerated by the Site Terms of Use. In case you are not satisfied with the products delivered, we encourage you to contact us to try and resolve the issue instead of challenging the payment. Depending on the payment system you used to register an order, you may be charged the following charges when challenging a payment:

4.3.2. Credit card / debit card charging: In the case of a payment order for a delivered or non-delivered order, you owe a charge to your service card at the amount of BGN 48.90, an administrative fee to www.buketcheto.com at the amount of BGN 20, statutory interest for the period from the initiation of the charjabsk to the coverage of all liabilities. In the case of a payback order payment, you also owe the full amount of your order.

www.buketcheto.com reserves the right to transfer your obligations to third parties, legal entities specializing in debt collection, and to take any action to cover your obligations under Bulgarian law.

5. Privacy Policy

5.1. Personal Information: The collected personal information from www.buketcheto.com includes your name, email address, telephone and shipping address, names and telephone number of the order recipient. In addition, we use Google Analytics to get a clearer picture of our site visits, visitor behavior, and products of interest to them. To learn about Google's privacy policy, please visit their site.


5.2. Use of Personal Data: The data you fill out is used only to properly execute the delivery of your order and to inform you in good time of any changes in its status. These data are not provided or resold to third parties.


5.3. Payment Details: Your credit / debit card details you fill in during the order process are not processed or stored on our servers. Their security is guaranteed by our partner bank and complies with current PCI standards.


5.4. Security: The security of the information you enter on the pages of www.buketcheto.com is guaranteed by an SSL certificate. The payment information you fill out on our site is transmitted to our partner bank where it is processed without being processed or stored on our server. www.buketcheto.com strictly adheres to PCI standards.

5.5. Cookies: The site uses cookies to store information about your language preferences, the currency you choose, and the contents of your cart. This information is encrypted and can not be read by anyone, including us.
5.6. Agree: Users of the Site, You agree to our Privacy Policy.

6. Refusal of order and return of a product

6.1. Claims: In rare occasions, when you may not be satisfied with our services, you may claim partial or full refund of the amount paid on your order within 24 hours after delivery. You can do this by sending us an email with a clear request for compensation at mail@buketcheto.com. This email should contain at least one snapshot of the delivered product.


6.2. Partial Compensation: Once we receive a picture of the product we deliver, we will estimate the amount of your compensation and we will contact you back. The compensation will be released within 24 hours after agreement with you.


6.3. Full Compensation: You have the right to receive the full amount of money paid for your order. In this case, our courier will visit the recipient to take back the delivered product. Compensation will be released from our account within 24 hours. then.


6.4. Right to compensation: Only the payer of the contract has the right to compensation, and the amount is refunded according to the method of payment. Payment of a credit card order can not be refunded by wire transfer.

7. Liability

7.1. Liability for defects in the goods, for the execution of the distance sales contract, as well as for the reimbursement of the amounts paid, is borne by the Seller of the Goods. He is obliged to provide together with the goods information in paper form to help the User in exercising his rights.

7.2. www.buketcheto.com does not bear any liability to third parties if such a person believes that information posted to the e-shop violates someone's copyright or other intellectual property rights.

8. Brochures and notifications

8.1. When a User enters the e-shop by creating a Web Page Profile, accepting the Terms and Conditions, he agrees to receive brochures and / or notifications from www.buketcheto.com via e-mail and on his / her mobile phone as well as goods and confirmations to change its data.


8.2. The user may refuse to receive brochures and / or notifications by e-mail and on his / her mobile phone at any time.

8.2.1. By using the specially made internet link contained in each brochure and / or notification - the "unsubscribe" button.

8.2.2. By linking www.buketcheto.com to the email mail@buketcheto.com with an explicit request not to receive brochures and / or notifications.

8.3. Upon refusal to receive brochures and / or notifications, the User makes an order, is deemed to have agreed to receive brochures and / or notifications again.

8.4. www.buketcheto.com reserves the right to choose whom to send brochures and / or notifications to, as well as to remove from its database a User who has given his / her consent to receive brochures and / or notifications.

8.5. www.buketcheto.com includes in brochures and / or notifications only advertising information relating to goods sold to the store.

9. Feedback

9.1. Each User can contact www.buketcheto.com to ask questions, make suggestions and receive information.

A link can be made to the e-mail addresses listed on the site, by phone number +35989 337 22 11 and through the contact form in the contacts section.

9.2. www.buketcheto.com is the administrator of the website and the field of opinions and discussions, and in doing so can remove any obscene and insulting qualifications that violate morality and good tones.